Playa Muerto

Playa Muerto

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Playa Muerto is the ultimate combination of culture and adventure. Its remote location means that visitors can only arrive by boat across the Golf of San Miguel or by trail over the Cerro Sapo mountain range. Once you get here, however, get ready to relax in this remote, black-sand paradise. This is a perfect place for day trips to jungle waterfalls or to fully immerse yourself in Embera culture. All visits to Playa Muerto include: traditional dishes made from local ingredients, a community guide and traditional Embera body paintings done with the jagua fruit.

Trip Options:
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You can create your trip based on the following packages and trip options. Just add your choices to the cart for each person who will be joining you on your trip! Additional options can be arranged once you arrive in the community as well.


Basic Package

3 Days/ 2 Nights: $120 /per person

4 Days/ 3 Nights: $155/ per person

5 Days/ 4 Nights: $190/ per person

(This amount only includes food and lodging for the days that you are in the community. This also includes a local guide for excursions in and near the village)

Boat Transport:

$300 each way between Playa Muerto and Puerto Quimba: Playa Muerto is a remote community which is difficult to get to due to the large distance by boat from the community to the closest road. Unless you choose to hike to and from the community, you will need to charter a trip with the community tourism. This price includes: the boat and motor rental, the boat captain and assistant, and the gasoline.

Cultural Presentation

Groups of 1-4: $90/ person

Groups of 5+: $40/ person

The cultural presentation is a stunning display of all the is Embera culture! Learn about the dances that were used in the Embera’s shamanic rituals, dance along to traditional music, and learn how the community artisans create their iconic baskets and carvings from materials harvested from the local environment.

Fishing Trip

$40/ person: Spend a day trolling the Pacific Coast of the Darien with community fishermen who will teach you both modern and traditional techniques to catch local species like yellowfin tuna, Cubera snapper and amberjack.

The Harpy Eagle

Half-day Hikes- $30/ person: The Harpy Eagle, or aguila harpia, is by far the largest bird in the rain forest and one of the largest birds of prey in the world with a wingspan of over 7 ft. It is also the national bird of Panama. Playa Muerto is home to a nesting pair of eagles 2-hour hike from the community.