El Camino

El Camino


This is the true Darien experience, one for those who know that the journey is not all about the destination.

The hike is an adventure like no other. The journey begins with a boat journey across the Golf of San Miguel to the Afro-antillean town of Garachine. From there you will continue on to the Embera community of Cerro Naipe. The next day begins a 1-2 day hike through the old growth forest of the Darien National Park before arriving to the hidden paradise of Playa Muerto.

This is the ultimate adventure where you can experience both the mystery of the Darien jungle and the magic of its indigenous communities.

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This price includes: Guide and Transport from Garachine to the trailhead for Cerro Naipe, food and lodging in Cerro Naipe, guide from Cerro Naipe to Playa Muerto. Special arrangements will need to be made if you have large groups, need to hire porters or would like to spend the night in the forest during the hike.

All treks can be tailored to your time frame and comfort level. Activities along the way can include: spear fishing in the rivers, classes on native plants and their traditional uses, cultural presentations and, of course, home cooked meals with local dishes and all the fresh fruit that you can eat.