Pijibasal is a small indigenous community of the Embera ethnic group, located in the foothills of the Pirre mountain, Darien National Park. The community is dedicated to subsistence agriculture, the conservation of biodiversity and the rescue of their ancestral culture. Come for a visit to rest, swim, hike, interact with nature or simply live for a few days learning the ways of the Embera: learn the art of basket weaving and wood carving, make natural dyes, cultive the land and taste the traditional dishes from the Embera kitchen.



  • Guided hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes
  • Presentation of embera artisan work
  • Hike through old-growth forest.

Extra activities

  • Take an overnight hike to the famous cerro Pirre, the 5,400 ft. mountain that is the entrance to the Darien National Park.