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Who we are

Caminante Travels is a network of community-led tourism groups in the indigenous Embera communities of Panama's Darien Province. Our mission is to connect communities that have the infrastructure and desire to share their culture and experiences with travelers eager to explore the beauty and mystery of the Darien. By booking your adventure with us you can be assured that your money is going directly to the community that you'll be visiting.


Upcoming Trips

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The hike

An epic hike through the Darien jungle from the indigenous community of Cerro Naipe to coastal village of Playa Muerto where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in this tropical paradise


cultural immersion

Learn about Embera medicine, cosmology and spiritual practices in the community of Mogue.


The river

Visit La Chunga and explore the rivers that are at the heart of Embera social organization.

An experience like nothing else